Our Human Resources Polıcy

One of the most basic resources of the companies is Human Resorces. Leda Pharma believes that the role of human resources is important in achieving sustainable growth targets with customer happiness and satisfaction.

The human resources policy implemented at Leda Pharma aims to enhance employees’ personal and business competencies and to have a strong motivation and strong commitment to the company. In the procurement of new human resources, the basic hiring policy is to get professionals to work by taking experts into account.

Leda Pharma’s Human Resources Policy and Practices take place in the liqht of the following principles:

We choose our human resources choice from among those that have a high development, work competecy and adopt and live on company values. Competitive advantage is the main fondation of our human resources. Our employees adopt the values of our company. We aim to make Leda Pharma is preferred company to work with. We evaluate and encourage the success of our employees and their work performance. We aim to make use of our human resources in meeting and needs. We follow new developments in human resources management and evaluate according to the needs of our company.

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