Our Understandıng Of Qualıty

Leda Pharma carries out pharmacetical production in a manner that meets and satisfies the expectations of all its customers and employees in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2008 Qality Management System and the Ministry of Health Drug Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) legislation by following international pharmaceutical production standards to protect and improve human health.

Leda Pharma pursues scientific and technological developments and maintains high quaility service understanding using up to date and standardized methods that are recognized nationally and internationally. It undertakes to provide the necessary financial, technological, and human resources to fulfill the quality service provision, to comply with the requirements of QMS standards, and to continuously improve its effectiveness.

Our Workıng Prıcıple

The products we are producing;

It is our basic policy to comply with relevant standards, laws, and regulations as well as to have reliable usability characteristics  the same time.

Increasing our market share and competitive power depends on the continuous improvement of the quality level of our products. We believe that technological developments should be closely monitored for our quality level and we know that developing quality will be ensured by production rather that control. Realization of this will be possible if all of our staff fulfills the requirements of our Quality Assurance System.